Thank You!


In behalf of the Miami Stardom team, we would like to thank you for your interest in our company and for your purchase!!! Within the next 24 hours, one of our representatives will follow up with you to confirm that we have received payment for your order. The agent will go over the package or service you just ordered, forward you our agreement(if applicable), confirm all accommodations, and assists you to select the party venue!

If you have any questions or requests, you can contact one of our VIP agents.

Miami: 305-735-9847

Toll Free: 1-877-475-4847


Again, thank you for considering our company for your party planning. Miami Stardom is the only independent hosting company specialize on showing you Miami’s nightlife like a VIP!



Space Nightclub

Space Miami, today the name is synonymous with dance music in the United States. The go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast in the nation!

Club Space offers an exciting, over-the-top club experience for the discerning dance music lover. With state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and visual systems, the venue rapidly set “the” standard for clubs not only in the Miami area, but throughout the country.

With no signs of slowing, Space progressed througout the first decade of the 21st century, consistently bringing in the top dance talent from throughout the world. Sets of ten hours or more became the norm for guest DJs, with talent like Deep Dish, Behrouz, Sander Kleinenberg, Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Eric Prydz, Victor Calderone, Mark Knight, Boris, Desyn Masiello, as well as new residents Cedric Gervais, Patrick M, and Lazardi easily playing into the afternoon hours.

Rushing into it’s second decade of existence, even the founders of Space have sat back in amazement at the creation they’ve wrought. One can only speculate what will happen next…

For more information, VIP table service ,or Party Packages for this featured nightclub, please contact us at:

1-877-475-4VIP (4847)  or  email

SPACE- 34 NE 11 Street, Downtown Miami

** Prices and venues are subject to change and prices are based on availability.

***Express Entry is not available for special holidays or events including Memorial Day Weekend, Winter Music Conference, or New Years. (Only VIP Table Services are provided)**

Our Services


bottle service miami beach clubsTable Service  Miami Stardom VIP hosting Service is the PREMIER way to experience the marvelous Miami and South Beach nightlife scene. We offer our clients table reservations and guaranteed access to the best nightlife establishments in the city. All of our services come complete with the personalized attention of a VIP host. He/she will be there to meet with your group to provide you with the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly…..Find out more



Are you ready to party like a Rock Star!! With our party planning services, we create custom party packages for birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and special events. Our company offers our clients an exclusive guide to living Miami’s hottest parties with VIP celebrity status at accommodating prices. We offer set and custom VIP party packages that include limousine service, cocktail pre-parties at boutique hotels, front of the line hosted entry, VIP table service to the hottest nightclubs and events in Miami and South Beach!!

South Beach Package-  We offer per person affordable weekly night Party Package Specials that include pre-parties with open bar at trendy hotels or lounges, luxury limo service to our parties, front of the line and celebrity status hosted entry to SOBE’s hottest nightclubs. Prices starting at $40 Per Female/$70 Per Male..Find out more

img_0281Bachelorette Party Packages- Miami Stardom Bachelorette Party Package gives you all the tools you need for the best party of your bride-to-be’s life! It’s her last hoorah! So, live it up! Go out with a bang! Our party packages are packed with great hook ups, limousine service, access to ladies clubs, front of the line and express hosted entry to some of the hottest night clubs and ultra lounges in Miami and South Beach! Best of all, we can custom make a package tailored to meet your needs.  Find out more


bachelor party packagesBachelor Party Packages- Miami Stardom Bachelor Party Package gives you all the tools you need for the best party of your broom-to-be’s life! It’s his last hoorah! So, live it up! Go out with a bang! Our party package is packed with excellent packages to gentleman’s clubs, bottle specials at SOBE lounges, limousine service, VIP table reservation and express hosted entry to some of the hottest night clubs and ultra lounges in Miami and South Beach! Best of all, we can custom make a package tailored to meet your needs….Find out more


VIP Packages Miami Birthday Party Packages- Are you having a birthday soon? Do you want to party like a VIP!! Miami Stardom offers VIP Birthday Packages including VIP treatment, open bar with birthday cake at our trendy pre-parties, express entry for your entire group to any of our venues and much more!!! Come celebrate your Birthday with Miami Stardom and we will show you the time of your life. So, live it up! Go out with a bang! Best of all, we can custom make a package tailored to meet your needs… Find out more


To inquire about our services please contact us at: 305-735-9847 (9VIP) email:

Hummer H2 Limo

Stretched Hummer Limousine

Type: H2 Hummer Limousine

Passengers: 20 People

Colors: Black or White



*4,000 watts premium sound system

*Neon, strobe and laser lights


*Wet Bar

Perfect for:

Bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties
Airport Services
Corporate Services
Sports Events
and much more…………..

The Stretch H2 Hummer Limo is available in all our Party Packages.

For quotes please contact us at:

Miami: 305-735-9847




Miami Stardom is one of the only hosting company that offers customized and personalized nightlife services and party packages to premier nightclubs in the Miami and South Beach area. Our services are tailored to meet our client’s needs. We provide our customers a stress-free approach to attending the best nightlife establishments in the trendy city. Our staff is dedicated to offer and maintain the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. Miami Stardom assures that every client we serve has a memorable as well as pleasurable experience.

Some questions we have encountered:

What is a VIP Host?

A VIP host is a reputable individual in the nightlife industry who works with our company to accommodate and facilitate our clients with the most convenient and prestige accommodations into Miami’s nightclubs and Ultra-lounges. The host/hostess has a connection with the nightclub doorman or security staff which allows him/her to easily walk you into the club without waiting in lines or waiting long waits; he/she have access to reserve the best tables in the club for your VIP service.

Why do you need a VIP Host?

In Miami’s night scene, the meaning of the “Velvet Rope” is extremely practiced. Doorman’s pick and chose the people who they let in from a wall of people waiting at the front of the club. It is often common that people wait for hours outside in line to finally be able to get in. Sometimes the doorman can leave you waiting outside because they just want to or plainly because they do not know you. This process can be very frustrated for inexperienced partygoers who do not have connections at the club or do not know the doorman.

With Miami Stardom’s VIP host, you will not have to go through that issue of waiting outside in long lines or being picked  from the crowd by the doorman. Our VIP hosts will meet your group at the front door of the club and will escort you into the club, pass the lines, and into the “Velvet Rope” with the immediate acknowledgement from doorman’s and with fast access. In addition, our VIP host will accommodate your group into the best sections or tables of premier clubs, if you have made reservations with our company for VIP table service. Miami Stardom VIP host’s will be able to book a table reservation with the minimum bottles required to accommodate your group. This way you will be saving from spending ridiculous amount of money when you are required by the doorman to buy more bottles than what you really need just because you made the reservation with a local hotel or when you walked up directly to the club without a table reservation. Using a Miami Stardom VIP hosts will grant you with convenience, prestige, and most of all security of accessing Miami’s and South Beach nightlife.

What does Miami Stardom VIP host offer?

  • Guaranteed entry to the club chosen before midnight without waiting in lines
  • VIP Table reservations and hosted accommodations to premier nightclubs
  • VIP Party Packages
  • Express Entry to the hottest clubs in Miami and South Beach
  • Friendly and personalized service

Do we use our own limousines?

No we don’t. To accommodate our Party Packages we use a network of independently owned limousine companies in Miami. All the limousine vendors we work with are legally licensed and insured in the State of Florida. Miami Stardom has access to a diverse inventory of limousines including stretched Chrysler, Hummer, Escalade, Excursions, Limo Bus, Monster Limo, and more…Our company is the only VIP hosting company in Miami that combines nightlife VIP hosting services and luxury transportation into one service or party package. With our party packages you can obtain limousine services from 3- 5 hours throughout the week and in the weekend. The majority of limousine companies require their client to rent the limousine for a minimum of 5 hours to reserve the limo service. Furthermore, these limo companies do not provide personalize access/accommodations to South Beach or Miami’s nightlife venues. However, if you need to rent the vehicle without the party package, we can book the limousine for you at competitive prices for a minimum of 5 hours reservation. Our company embraces the industry contacts we have obtained throughout the years, which these contacts are not easily attainable by other third party individuals.

Do we use our own Exotic Cars or Luxury Yachts?

No we don’t. Miami Stardom provides upscale concierge services to rent luxury yachts or exotic cars. If you are looking to rent a luxury yacht or exotic car, we can obtain the most elite and on demand options available. We hand pick our selection of luxury vendors so that we can offer our clients consistent availability at competitive prices. If you are looking to be noticed in a prestigious race car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini, prefer to ride in style and elegance in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, or float away under the amazing Miami sun in a luxury yacht, your dream ride is only a reservation away.

Ho do we use Miami Stardom services?

You can obtain our services by calling or emailing us directly to request a quote and to make a reservation for table service or party package. You can also request service from one of our VIP hosts or affiliates. When you contact us, you will provide us with the following information:

  • Date of event or reservation
  • Venue and vehicle selection
  • Party Package selection, VIP accommodation, or luxury rental
  • Number of size of group? Ladies, Gentleman?
  • You will then receive a written quote from us by email

Do I need to give a deposit to guarantee my service?

For VIP Limo Party Packages, limousine reservations, and luxury rentals yes. In order to guarantee your party package, booking, and properly coordinate all your accommodations, we will have to make reservations in advance with our vendors, staff our employees, and pre-book our venues of the event. For our party packages and limousine bookings we request a 50% deposit of the package or service at the time of the booking. For party packages, the 50% balance of the party package must be paid 4 days prior the event date. For limousine rentals, the 50% balance can be paid in cash the day of the event or by credit card 4 days prior to the service date. For exotic car rentals $100.00 deposit in advance will be required to place any reservation. Deposits can be paid in advance by using pay-pal, credit card, cash or it can be deposited on our business account.

What are the requirements to book a Party Package?

  • Make reservation 24 hours in advance
  • For a mixed group of partygoers; 50% ratio females to males
  • For bachelor packages, table reservation at club (Required. Consumption is Separate)
  • 50% Deposit of package on booking
  • 21 and over
  • Dress code strictly enforced


An Express Hosted Entry is a convenient method of obtaining right away entry into premier Miami/ South Beach clubs with no fuss or waits by one of our Miami Stardom VIP hosts.


  • Front of the line and hosted entry before 12:30am
  • Guaranteed entry without waiting in line
  • Cover charge included (At clubs regularly is from $20-$40 per person)

What are the requirements for the Express Club entry?

You must be 21 or over, you must be dressed appropriately, and you must show up to the club before midnight.

How do I use the VIP Table services of Miami Stardom?

You can request a quote for a table reservation by email us your inquiry. You can first look into our Table Service page in our website, select a venue from our preferred list of clubs, and notify us of your reservation. Please email reservation inquiries at

How much are the VIP Table Reservation hosting services with Miami Stardom?

Miami Stardom arranges a VIP host to accommodate the clients who utilize our VIP Table reservation services. We will make the table reservation and our host will deal with the VIP manager of the club to set you up in a premier table, escort you inside the venue, and properly secure accommodation at the table. Our services start as low as $25.00 to $40.00 per person depending on the nightclub selected. Each quote is handled on an individual basis. (The hosting fee covers the assistance of one of our VIP host to assist the client in accommodations at the venue. The hosting fee is separate from consumption or cover charge at the venue)

How do I pay for the VIP reservation hosting service?

You can pay in advance online with Pay Pal or with any major credit card.

What time should I arrive at the nightclub?

We suggest our clients to arrive at the nightclub between 11pm (this is the time most clubs open) – midnight. If you are getting VIP bottle service, the exact meeting time will be arranged directly with your VIP host.

What else do we need to know?

Don’t gamble on other hosting companies that tell you to print out a discount voucher to give to the doorman who won’t even take the time to acknowledge your presence. That’s not VIP access at all, whereas, our connected VIP hosts will take you right into the nightclub with fast track entry.

How late is the club open?

Miami and South Beach clubs are open from 11pm until 5am.

Where are your preferred clubs located?

  • Set- 320 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Dream- 1532 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Mansion 360- 1235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Story- 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • LIV-  4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Mango’s Tropical Cafe- 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Mokai- 235 23 Street, Miami Beach, FL.
  • IVY- 1045 5th Street, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Space- 34 NE 11 Street, Miami, FL.

Where are your preferred pre-party locations located?

  • The Catalina Hotel: 1756 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • The Shelley Hotel: 844 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • The Whitelaw Hotel: 808 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • The Shelborne Hotel: 1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. FL.
  • 1826 Collins Ave Lounge: 1826 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Among other venues

Exotic Car Rentals

Miami Stardom provides upscale concierge services in the greater Miami and beaches. If you are looking to rent a luxury or exotic car, we can obtain a great selection of the most elite and on demand automobiles from around the globe. We hand pick our selection of luxury vendors so that we can offer our clients consistent availability for vehicles at competitive prices.  If you are looking to be noticed in a prestigious race car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini or prefer to ride in style and elegance in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, your dream automobile is only a reservation away.

For quotes and reservations, please contact us at:


1-877-475-4VIP (4847)

  Ferrari 458 Italia                         Ferrari  430                          Ferrari California       


Starting at $2,099/day                 Starting at $1,699/day                Starting at $1,599/day

  Gallardo Spider                 Lamborgini Gallardo      Lamborgini Murcielago


Starting at $1,899/day         Starting at $1,399/day          Starting at $1,999/day

 Aston Martin DB9                           Audi R8                         Moserati Gran Turismo


Starting at $1,299/day                     Starting at $1,299/day          Starting at $1,299/day

Bentley Continental GT               Bentley Convertible        Mercedes SL 500


Starting at $1,399/day                        Starting at $1,599/day           Starting at $599/day

  Porche Panorama                        Porche Carrera           Corvette Grand Sport


Starting at $1,299/day                      Starting at $499/day         Starting at $599/day

      Camaro SS                                   BMW 650 Convertible       Mercedes S550        


Starting at $450/day                          Starting at $499/day               Starting at $499/day

Rolls- Royce  Phantom                   BMW 750 IL                 Porche Cayenne Turbo


Starting at $2,099/day                         Starting at $599/day            Starting at $550/day

     Hummer  H2                                   Range Rover Sport           Cadillac Escalade


    Starting at $350/day                       Starting at $420/day          Starting at $399/day


Thank you for choosing Miami Stardom in Miami for your Luxury rentals.

Our main goal is to make sure that we provide top of the customer service and supply elite and on demand automobiles. Please call one of our luxury rental specialist (305) 735-9847 to begin the reservation process.


For exotic car rentals $100.00 deposit in advance will be required to place any reservation.

Event Production


Our company provides event production, corporate event planning and entertainment marketing services in Miami. Our company provides our clients with professional guidance in the nightlife and entertainment industry. With our services we assist businesses or artists with event placement, planning, and logistics. We specialize in producing events including fashion shows, live music acts, special guest DJ appearances, and choreographed entertainment. Throughout years of experience and market recognition, Miami Stardom provides its clients with reliable and creative programs. Miami Stardom recruits sponsors for featured events to cross promote and for brand placement strategies. Our company staffs and can provide our patrons with:

  • Entertainers/Artists
  • Go Go Dancers
  • DJs
  • Models
  • Body Painters
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Publicists
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Promoters/Hosts

In addition, we can help you arrange the means to help you record your featured event. We work with professional film specialists and film editors so if you require a professional edited video, DVD’s, or photography made for your event, Miami Stardom, can accommodate that for you.

Looking to start a party at your next venue?

For event requests or inquiries please call us at:



Below are videos of some of the events we have produced:

True Blood Miami Halloween Show – DOLCE Nightclub

Jagged Fashion Show – Mansion Nightclub


Miami is considered one of the most desired destinations in the world. Along with Miami and South Beach, both South Florida cities are renown for its amazing parties, exceptional events, and its attractive people. It is one of the most sought out destinations for celebrities, young professionals, and party aficionados. Its unique mix of cultures has created a scene in which the most excellent restaurants, stylish nightlife, and elegant boutique hotels come together to offer its locals and visitors a remarkable experience every time they go out on the town.

Nightlife Suggestions

South Beach nightlife is among the hottest in the world. New and existing clubs throughout the year offer a variety of the best selection of parties and special events. Music ranges from house to hip-hop to rock to pop, and entertainment frequently comes in the form of fashion shows, live acts and world-renowned DJ’s live and in person. The fashion scene in Miami is often at the center of it all, local and international fashion designers often present spectacular runway fashion showcases in exclusive locations and elite nightclubs around the sexy city.

Click on the following to view venues information.





MANSION 360                              

MANSION 360 miami beach    


















For more information, VIP table service  or Party Packages for these featured nightclubs, please contact us at:

Miami: 305-735-9847


** Prices and venues are subject to change and prices are based on availability.

***Express Entry is not available for special holidays or events including Memorial Day Weekend, Winter Music Conference, or New Years. (Only VIP Table Services are provided)**

South Beach Packages

Are you a local who constantly likes to party at the beach on the weekends? Perhaps you are a tourist staying in South Beach and are looking for the hottest parties in the sexy island. Get the extra treatment when you come out and party with us!

We offer per person affordable weekly night South Beach Party Package that include pre-parties with open bar at trendy hotels or lounges, luxury limo service to our parties, front of the line and celebrity status hosted entry into South Beach hottest nightclubs.

The benefits of the following party package special, it is provided every night of the week from Thursday thru Sunday and there is no minimum of people requested to book the package. The package is perfect for small groups and couples and for any type of occasion.

Miami Stardom provides an elite yet convenient and guaranteed way to enter South Beach hottest nightclubs! With our party packages you will have front of the line hosted entry at our parties and meet a STARDOM host that will escort your group into the nightclub without the hassles of waiting in long lines or being picked out from the crowd.

Since Miami nightclubs has strict door screening process, we ONLY provide this exclusive service to a selected clientele. South Beach nightclubs caters to the most beautiful and fashionable people, therefore, to obtain our hosting service ONLY the BEST looking groups will be considered.

Photo: Hex FX

South Beach Party Package


  • Pre-Party at a South Beach Boutique Hotel or Lounge (9:30pm-11:30pm)
  • 2-hour open bar (Vodka, rum, gin mixed drinks) or unlimited vodka drinks at a table setting at pre-party
  • Party Bus or Limousine service to Nightclub
  • Front of the line status at club
  • Cover charge & Express hosted entry to club before midnight

Packages start at $40 for ladies and $70 per men. Prices can be affected depending on the nightclub selection. (Please contact us to get pricing based on the club you would like to go)

The following are the nightclubs we provide our South Beach Party Package:

  • STORY Nightclub
  • Dream Nightclub
  • IVY Nightclub
  • Cameo Nightclub
  • LIV Nightclub   (CLOSED. Under Renovation)

Benefits of our South Beach Party Package:

  • Unlimited drinks at pre-party for two hours
  • Limousine or party bus transfer
  • Express Hosted Entry to Nightclub– (NO LINES or WAITS)
  • Cover charge included

If you are looking to reserve your party package, give us a call/text at 305.735.9847 or email us at with your request.

Reservation Process:

  • We recommend you to email us your details, a picture of your group and music preference so we can suggest what will be the best nightlife venue for you
  • For entry to LIV and STORY, sorry to say but looks does matter as these clubs has a strict door policy for entry. So we recommend for groups of ladies who would like to attend these clubs to email us a picture of your group for faster consideration and guaranteed service.
  • Reservations is recommended to be made at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee complete booking. Any reservations made prior to 24hrs of the event date are subject to availability


*Ages: 21 and over

*Dress code is strictly enforced on all venues

**Prices and venues are subject to change and all packages are based on availability.

**Deposits are non-refundable

*Memorial Day Weekend, Winter Music Conference, or New Years.***

Photo Credits: Heks FX