Exotic Car Rentals

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Miami Stardom provides upscale concierge services in the greater Miami and beaches. If you are looking to rent a luxury or exotic car, we can obtain a great selection of the most elite and on demand automobiles from around the globe. We hand pick our selection of luxury vendors so that we can offer our clients consistent availability for vehicles at competitive prices.  If you are looking to be noticed in a prestigious race car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini or prefer to ride in style and elegance in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, your dream automobile is only a reservation away.

For quotes and reservations, please contact us at:


1-877-475-4VIP (4847)


  Ferrari 458 Italia                         Ferrari  430                          Ferrari California       


Starting at $2,099/day                 Starting at $1,699/day                Starting at $1,599/day

  Gallardo Spider                 Lamborgini Gallardo      Lamborgini Murcielago


Starting at $1,899/day         Starting at $1,399/day          Starting at $1,999/day

 Aston Martin DB9                           Audi R8                         Moserati Gran Turismo


Starting at $1,299/day                     Starting at $1,299/day          Starting at $1,299/day

Bentley Continental GT               Bentley Convertible        Mercedes SL 500


Starting at $1,399/day                        Starting at $1,599/day           Starting at $599/day

  Porche Panorama                        Porche Carrera           Corvette Grand Sport


Starting at $1,299/day                      Starting at $499/day         Starting at $599/day

      Camaro SS                                   BMW 650 Convertible       Mercedes S550        


Starting at $450/day                          Starting at $499/day               Starting at $499/day

Rolls- Royce  Phantom                   BMW 750 IL                 Porche Cayenne Turbo


Starting at $2,099/day                         Starting at $599/day            Starting at $550/day

     Hummer  H2                                   Range Rover Sport           Cadillac Escalade


    Starting at $350/day                       Starting at $420/day          Starting at $399/day


Thank you for choosing Miami Stardom in Miami for your Luxury rentals.

Our main goal is to make sure that we provide top of the customer service and supply elite and on demand automobiles. Please call one of our luxury rental specialist (305) 735-9847 to begin the reservation process.


For exotic car rentals $100.00 deposit in advance will be required to place any reservation.

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